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Are you hiding? Some thoughts on how, and why, to stop

Hiding starts out feeling like safety... then becomes a trap Do you hide? I sure have at times in my life. Okay, recently. And I realized it was an old habit from childhood. And I realized it kept me from... everything. Especially myself. Ah, paradox, you fox. Hiding from myself - big problem/not possible! (Hello: Everywhere you go, there you are...) (Hello: Denial. Which only...

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A gift to feed your soul - please download for free the most beautiful writing EVER

A gift of the most beautiful words... I am so thrilled to present to you a link to a free digital edition of "Song of Ourself: Voices in Unison," a book that came about from the writing course I took last year with Martha Beck and Elizabeth Gilbert. It is available for download on the publisher's website: share it with you because there are stories that will...

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Are you inspired? What makes you rise day after day?

Who inspires you? We all need inspiration. It's tough to create it ourselves day after day. So having those who inspire us nearby is critical. They may be living. Or dead. Or imaginary. Doesn't matter. Keep being inspired.Maya Angelou feels like my dear Aunt Zula to me in many ways. Yet. Dr. Angelou's history, personal and public, has much to say to me over and over.If you haven't...

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