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How to bounce back from setbacks (involves licking wounds, and pro athletes)

I know about setbacks. Far too intimately.  And I know setbacks are "opportunities" and other cheery rah rah things you read about in a lot of self-help and personal development.But I can't go there right away.I need to lick my wounds, and let someone who cares about me witness and tend to them, too.  (Image credit: michael steinberg, It's really tough to acknowledge and debrief...

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Are you hiding? Some thoughts on how, and why, to stop

Hiding starts out feeling like safety... then becomes a trap Do you hide? I sure have at times in my life. Okay, recently. And I realized it was an old habit from childhood. And I realized it kept me from... everything. Especially myself. Ah, paradox, you fox. Hiding from myself - big problem/not possible! (Hello: Everywhere you go, there you are...) (Hello: Denial. Which only...

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A gift to feed your soul - please download for free the most beautiful writing EVER

A gift of the most beautiful words... I am so thrilled to present to you a link to a free digital edition of "Song of Ourself: Voices in Unison," a book that came about from the writing course I took last year with Martha Beck and Elizabeth Gilbert. It is available for download on the publisher's website: share it with you because there are stories that will...

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