Learn and embody empowerment. Create self-care practices. Living as your best, true self is fully possible!

I am here to you help move things forward in your life with ease and compassion -- and success...

... life transitions


... personal and professional effectiveness and organization


... envisioning and reaching a dream


... habit change for improved wellbeing, effectiveness, and health


... clarifying what you want in life


... grieving a difficult life situation and arriving at gratitude and peace


... clearing your mental and literal clutter


... shrinking weight and adding body compassion and gratitude


... and much more.


I invite you to consider coaching with me if past attempts at change by yourself or with others, and the methods you tried, haven't ultimately worked.


I provide compassionate support and practical guidance for women and men seeking to change whatever is stopping them from living fully, and pursuing their dreams


Have you asked yourself, "what else is possible?"  I'd be honored to help you go inward, and to emerge full of light with your answer.


Find out what clients are saying about their life coaching experience.

"I have lost 50 lb with your help!" 


I just want to take some time to express my thanks for your inspirational transformation, which definitely convinced me to start my own journey to attain a fitter body and create a healthy diet...  Through your coaching, I learned to cut down on unnecessary carbs, sugar, avoid certain foods, and add some exercise, and sure enough, I started a new eating style and jogging 30 minutes few times a week since 4/1/15.   I lost a total of 50 lb after a year.  I weigh 118 now, from XL 16 to XS 2-4!"  Read the full story here.


Are you seeking freedom and peace with food,to shrink your weight, and feel good about your body...

If I can do it, you can do it, too.
If I can do it, you can do it, too.

I was an overweight person most of my life, and have successfully released 125+ pounds - and most importantly, have sustained it.  


Read about it here.  


I provide compassionate support and practical guidance for women and men seeking to shed the extra weight that is stopping them from living fully, being happy in their bodies, and pursuing their dreams.


If you are interested in knowing more or ready to start your process now, please schedule a complimentary 30-minute session with me today.


Lauren Oujiri, M.A., Certified Martha Beck Life Coach


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