Make new choices and move into the vision you have for your life. Live in possibility rather than doubt and fear.

I help you make changes + reach dreams with ease and compassion and effectiveness.

... life and career transitions


... personal and professional efficiency and organization


... habit change for improved wellbeing, effectiveness, and health


... clarifying and visualizing what you want in life


... grieving a difficult situation and arriving at gratitude and peace


... clearing your mental and literal clutter


... shrinking weight and adding body compassion and gratitude (I've let go of half my weight and gained back my self-love and personal power, and I help you do the same)


... and much more.


I invite you to consider coaching with me if past attempts at change by yourself or with others haven't ultimately worked. I help you untangle the knots of your habits and thinking and create new responses and patterns to empower you to create the life you want to be living.


I provide compassionate support and practical guidance for women and men seeking to change whatever is stopping them from living fully, and pursuing their dreams


Have you asked yourself, "what else is possible?"  I'd be honored to help you go inward in discovery and to emerge full of confidence with your answer.


Lauren Oujiri, M.A., Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, Writer

The strengths I bring to your process include deep listening + seeing, gentle holding up of the mirror, immense compassion + belief in your power to go inward + make the changes you need to for living your true self, intuitive reflection, holding your space + you as sacred during your transformation, dream analysis, wisdom gained from burning off my old patterns + thinking, & flooding you with all the love possible as you learn to unconditionally love yourself no matter what.


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