Are you seeking to make changes, achieve practical results and realize your dreams?

Have you considered coaching because you want something different for your life?


Please take in some of my clients' feelings and thoughts before starting coaching - do these sound familiar?


... l want to matter in my own life.


... I'm horrible at making decisions


... I want someone else to tell me what to do


... I'm just tired of trying and failing over and over.


... I don't know what to do.


... I am just all wrong, nothing about me or my life is right or good enough



I'm honored by my clients' recent reflections about the results of coaching with me:


After a ten-session program:

"I’ll bottom-line it: you’ll get the results you need by working with Lauren. I have worked with others over the years, however, none of them could ever offer me the guidance and support I truly needed. I always knew what I had to work on but what I needed are the tools to do it. Regurgitating the past and trite placations only go so far. Lauren asked smart questions, truly listened to my answers, and gave me the kind of direction that put me on the right path. My time with her was always constructive, I worked towards my goals, and she was my trusted partner every step of the way. Nonsense was no longer going to hold me back thanks to her. Indecision is now a thing of the past. If you’re truly interested in moving forward, not standing still, then commit yourself to working with Lauren today. Your future self will thank you. -- Mick N.


After a first-time guided meditation:
"WOW, I cannot tell you how refreshed and energized and calm I feel right now. That felt so transformative, and you're such an expert leader. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for doing this this month -- I feel in my bones that it literally will be the reason why I will be able to finish all that needs to get done (and on which the very direction of my life depends -- nooooo pressure at all for the next 30 days ;) ). I feel so much better now than an hour ago. 

All my love and gratitude to you." -- N.


Lauren Oujiri, M.A., Certified Life Coach and Author

The strengths I bring to your process include deep listening and witnessing... a gentle holding up of the mirror... immense compassion + belief in your power to go inward and then take action consistently for living your true self... intuitive reflection... holding your space and you as sacred during your transformation... dream analysis... wisdom gained from burning off my own unhelpful patterns and thinking... and, flooding you with all the love possible as you learn to unconditionally love yourself no matter what.


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