Custom beaded bookmarks

Custom beaded bookmarks

$20.00 USD

I came up with this concept when I saw a very boring bookmark with a bead on the end and thought, "ooh, I can make those really beautiful so that readers will both love to look at them and love to hold them!" 

I use a variety of stones, glass beads, metals, sterling silver, some acrylic if they're special, crystals, ceramic beads, and seeds. 

I custom make them based on what you'd like for color and the feeling you'd like them to convey, as well as length - whimsical, earthy, you name it. If you have an animal totem that's special to you or someone you'd like to give a gift to, that is really wonderful and I love making those. 

Prices vary depending on the beads, and begin at $20. Please do not order here - please use my contact form to order and I'll be in touch to get your specifications. Turnaround time varies from 2-4 weeks.