"What is Coaching?"

I often start with what it's not: therapy, advice giving, or dictatorial in nature. There is a bit of overlap - therapy or counseling involves great listening skills, processes for change, empathy, and more. I share my knowledge and offer you options, but I don't tell you what to do (you go to friends and family for advice, and you likely know they have their biases and agendas behind it a lot of times).

Unlike a sports coach, driven to win and achieve and push (and sometimes worse) - and the athlete must do what the coach says, for the most part - as your coach I am more of a guide-partner in your goals and dreams. It's your journey, and I am honored to walk with you on it.

I welcome the opportunity to talk with you for 30 minutes about whether coaching with me is right for you and what you can expect. You get to ask me all you need to in order to help you decide about moving forward together toward the changes you're seeking. Click here to schedule the free call.


ENERGIZE: Focused work in 4 weeks to focus and stoke your fire, and keep it going for your goals and dreams.  

Four intensive 90-minute sessions with email between sessions.



RADIANT: 12-sessions in 100 days.  3-month time frames are key to working on and sustaining change, reaching the destination you seek.  

Twelve 1-hour sessions weekly (ideally) with intensive and supportive email between sessions.



BRILLIANCE: 6 months of habit changes and/or concerted effort toward a goal, creates solid new patterns and seriously loving and clear progress on a dream.

Twenty 1-hour sessions with email and brief calls between sessions.





50-Minute SPARK session: Super-focused, best for people I've worked with before, or someone new with one clear goal or question for the session.




 4-HOUR INWARD-BOUND SOUL-SUN RETREAT: I create a special space for working on an issue of your choosing. We meet via video meeting or in person for a highly focused intensive that includes guided visualization, focused planning, special coaching processes tailored to your needs, and an optional intuitive reading or healing session. Includes a 30-minute planning and clarity session prior to the session and a 45-minute follow-up one month after completion.



IN-PERSON**, HALF-DAY DECLUTTERING / DOWNSIZING / ORGANIZING EXTRAVAGANZA**:  I come to your location and help you sort, discard, organize and improve your space - and it's joyful not dreadful!  You provide the supplies (bags, recycling bins, markers, etc.)  Includes personal coaching, as this work always brings up our issues, and time for nourishment breaks. (Gentle hand on head to help you not be overwhelmed included.


$1000.  ^^This is also available virtually via video meeting: $500.

**This is one of my favorite things to help people with!


HAVE AN IDEA FOR A DIFFERENT KIND OF SESSION OR ENGAGEMENT! Tell me about it! Creativity welcomed, price tailored to you. 


Group Coaching/Success Teams

I have run very successful groups via teleconference: Participants reporting getting results they were seeking AND unexpected positive results, too! 

  • 4 people +/-
  • 1 hour per week
  • 8 weeks scheduled consecutively*
  • $50 per week per person, paid in advance via PayPal.  

Experience the value of the shared experience of working on goals in a supportive group of interesting people.  The people on your team will help you make your dreams come true, because you're going to do the same thing for them. Your group will keep you moving until you discover and achieve your dream. (Success Teams were originated by Barbara Sher, and proven to achieve results.)

Bring one goal to work on, or just come to learn and experience the value of coaching and group synergy.

I provide content on organization, task management, decluttering, self-care, intuition, and more.  I will lead you through guided visualizations, body scans, relaxation and focusing techniques.  And, you will get brief one on one coaching! Listening to others be coached is a highly valuable experience due to our many commonalities and the basic issues we all encounter. 

I offer this periodically, and/or you can form your own group -  contact me to get started! *If you have a vision for different timing or number of sessions, we can customize it!


Tell me which option you are interested in or deciding between - Click Here - and I will get back to you within 24 hours with next steps!


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