Virtual Assistant / Project Management

I have provided a wide range of administrative assistance and project management throughout my entire work experience:

Executive assistance, directing project managers, the nitty gritty of day-to-day scheduling, the tracking and follow up to stay on time and target with goals and projects, email support, newsletter creation, writing and editing, subscription service support, and more. I am skilled in a variety of software and online systems.

As a V.A. I have worked with solo business owners, artists, healers, and coaches, and am open to more. I typically provide ongoing, sometimes regular, sometimes intermittent customer service and administrative support. I am flexible for sure.

My V.A. services can secured in 3-hour increments for $135. I provide an accounting of time used, and there is no requirement to use the block within a certain time.

My project management services are for projects that are typically more complex and usually one time only. I provide a custom quote per project.

Please contact me with your overview of current needs for assistance, timelines, and expectations, and I will respond within 24 hours during the standard business week.

I am here to help others be successful at what they do without needing to be concerned with the nitty gritty, and I'd be honored to provide that for you.