"can we speak in flowers.
it will be easier for me to understand."
--Nayyirah Waheed

(And you could substitute or add clouds, trees, and many more beings from our beautiful world to get a more full sense of how important natural beauty and these relatives are to me. I believe we are related to all things.)


"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being." 

(This speaks to my purpose, and my constant belief in and wish for you.)

I've been miserable beyond belief, horribly stuck, completely lost inside, totally hopeless, maddeningly self-loathing, and terribly scared at many times in my life (sometimes all at once)... one reason I'm here is to help others leave their similar dark and unhappy places to return to their shining light and purpose, and experience the joy of being utterly themselves and really living


I am honored to hold space for people, witnessing their pain and confusion especially if they're not feeling seen or heard. I feel so privileged when they ask and trust me to guide them back to their hearts and souls and fire inside.


Compassionate Presence


That Calm Beyond Fear


Spirit Celebration

Fierce Connection

Hope's Breath

Jubilant Flow

Never-ending Awe

Deepest Caring


Effusive Joy


Ancient Honor


Paradox, Humor & Change


Radiant Love

(if these words resonate with you, welcome to me)


I am a certified life coach, have a Masters degree in counseling, a certification in graphic design, and maybe, more importantly, I'm a writer, author, poet, photographer, artist-creator, master project-manager-organizer-declutterer-mover, dreamer, and lover of possibilities.


I love to travel, and specifically to road trip. (Well, I love to fly just as much, and when I do my nose is on the window, mesmerized by the clouds, colors, shapes, landscapes; in my very active dream life, my favorites are the flying dreams.) 


(I took this photo high above the stunning Alaska landscape. I'd never been in a small plane before - 6-seater. And I sat UP FRONT. And I loved it. [and fell in love with the pilot, but that's another story.] It had been storming off and on. The pilot was thrilled at the drama of the clouds. His other flights that day had been canceled so he wasn't even sure that flight was going to happen. He said it was the perfect window of time. When he learned his next flight was canceled, as the storms continued to roll through, he extended our flight - he was swooning at the sights, too. Denali? I still gasp thinking about it.

And these rainbows? They were there just for you. I promise.)



I would be honored if you decide to own or gift one of my creations. And! There is a gift for you in my store I hope you'll accept.

Much gratitude, love & peace for being here.


PS: Okay... who wants to try to pronounce my last name? Rhymes with Ovary. Yup. OH-ja-ree. (Female gonads are the sh**.  Just sayin'...)