Graphic Design

I learned Photoshop back at 5.5. (I forget the Illustrator version number.)  And QUARK, people! (I know InDesign, too.) Canva is a walk in the park. Over, too.

I have designed nearly every collateral material imaginable: logo, business card, rack card, newsletter, rate sheets, white papers, one-sheets, direct mail, postcards, newspaper ads, posters, all varieties of signage, trade show banners, product labels, and billboards. And website graphics and buttons, and CD covers and inserts. 

(I was the primary designer for many years for the the Portland All Classical FM station's CDs used in their fundraising. I know, "CDs?" But I love the laying out of text, finding the right crop for images, so much about the design process, and these were two favs.)

I've done professional photo retouching, enhancement, manipulation, and creative FUN.

And, BOOK COVERS. And book layouts. I LOVE THEM. {Ahem.} I would love to design them for you.

I love creating business cards. Especially for those first-time business people, creatives, reluctant entrepreneurs who are shy and nervous and need a push out of the nest.

I will be adding more samples soon. (There's hundreds. Bear with me, please.)

My rates are very affordable. I evaluate the scope and complexity, how fast it's needed, and a number of variables to arrive a price. You tell me if it's for web or print or both, and we arrive at what works for us both. Reach out here to tell me what you need.