Collaborative Autobiography/Memoir Service

You have a story worth telling, and the thought of leaving a legacy, sharing your joys, challenges, and unique past with family and friends and/or the world is compelling, meaningful, and maybe exciting. The thought of writing one's life story, however, is a daunting one to most.

I would love to help you tell and share your story. 

There are several facets to the process, and some are separate service options for you to consider:


Here is my wonderful uncle's autobiography, which I co-wrote, edited, formatted and published:

THE DETAILS, via Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you charge for your services? 

We have a consultation about what you're seeking to do, to see how well we converse and like each other, and if it feels like a good fit on both our parts, I customize a quote for you.

It's so important to know we can work together, as we'll be working together closely for a long period of time. I take very seriously that you are entrusting something very special with me, and want you to feel confident about me and your investment.

Do you have a standard rate?

Not exactly. Please read all the FAQ answers to better understand the complexity and factors involved. That being said, you can expect $5,000 as the typical starting point for print books up to 90,000 words, and slightly less for electronic books only.

How long will it take? 

The short answer is "it depends," and the long answer is "it depends." (Smile.) It depends on factors like how fast you want it, do you want to print it, how long you envision it being, how available and organized you are during the process, and more. In general it will be at least 3 to six months, unless you're only wanting an electronic publication.

How do I tell you my story? 

We agree on the overall outline for the book; straight chronological outlines are the easiest. From there, it depends. You have the options of

Can I include photos in my book? 

Absolutely! Photos make the book more compelling. There are a number of factors that go into determining that piece of the quote (quantity and quality of photos, photo-retouching for old photos, etc.).

What if I don't like the writing? 

We work very closely at the beginning to ensure your voice is clear in the writing - it must sound like you and only you. You read the first chapter drafts carefully, ensuring accuracy, and approving each chapter. I make sure from the start that you like - and hopefully love - the writing.

Is self-publishing hard?

Not at all! If you are savvy and wish to do it yourself, I can prepare the files as needed. If you'd like me to take care of that for you, that is something I enjoy doing, and can include in the quote.

Do I own the sole rights to the book? 


Does your name appear on the book, or can it just be mine? 

That is entirely up to you. Some people will have only their name on the cover, and then give credit to their writing collaborator in the acknowledgments, some list both names on the cover, so it can be managed however you like.

Do I have to pay you royalties or a portion of the profits if I make it for sale? 

No - all profits are yours!

How does payment work?

What experience do you have? 

I am an author, have written, edited, formatted and published three books, have been a team member and contributor on a published anthology, and have assisted a number of authors and poets in writing and editing in various capacities. 

I have been a successful writer of many formats for employers, freelance contracts, and for my own work for over 20 years. I have a long history of copy writing, editing, and proofreading. I have a graphic design background and have designed four book covers, and hundreds of pieces of collateral materials, extensive experience formatting and image manipulation. I have also been a director of production overseeing project managers.

I have questions that aren't answered here. How can I get them to you? 

We can schedule a call together, or you are welcome to click here to use my online contact form; depending on the nature and number of your questions, I will write back or request a phone call.