I write poetry, autobiography, and regularly blog on personal and interpersonal topics. Here I offer you books of poetry* and photography, and an amazing autobiography of my interesting and amazing uncle.  

* What readers of my poetry book have shared about their experience with it:

"I wanted to let you know that at a particular low moment, when I was pretty much a swampy mess from not sleeping, I opened your haiku book and read a few of them. It really helped sooth me and remind me of the truth."
--Susan Curington, Painter,

"I love the book. I know I can go back and read it on a bad day to get centered again." 

"... my 8-year-old has already read it -he got to it before me! - and he absolutely loves it."

"Thank you for sharing such beauty!"

"Thank you, Lauren, for inspiring me with your brilliant, beautiful haikus and photos. I've decided to write a haiku a day for a while to get past some writing blocks because I love haiku, and 17 syllables a day feels just right. I'm grateful to you for modeling the light and grace that can blossom from that practice. You are a haiku goddess!"

From a dear friend in a writers group I'm in: "OMG, (I just wrote) my first haiku! Thanks to you, Lauren, for your beautiful daily haiku posts - they are inspiring." (Please join me on Instagram for my daily haiku and photo! @laurenoujiri)

"I know I am continually awed by the splendor of the natural world! Oh, but you see and capture it in such plenty and vibrancy with your photos and poems, Lauren. You are magical." 


And, I have a free gift for you! 

I am thrilled to present to you a link to a free, digital book, "Song of Ourself: Voices in Unison," which came about from a writing course I took with Martha Beck and Elizabeth Gilbert (yes, that Liz Gilbert). It is available for download here:

I share it with you because there are stories that will touch you in myriad ways, the writing is gorgeous, and the art is beautiful. It is an exquisite and harmonious ode to life, in all its complexity. (And, I have a poem and a rose image in the book!)

138 women all over the U.S. and the world contributed to the book; I have one poem and one photo in the book, and was on the team who put it together. I am so honored to be a part of this piece of work, and to know these magnificent women.

It is tremendously exciting to see this anthology officially in the world. Please feel free to spread and share the link or PDF with your own communities, with communities in need, on your social networks, and with anyone whom you think the book can touch. The purpose of this book is to be *seen* so it can move others the way it has moved all of us who participated.