What readers of my poetry book have shared about their experience with it:

"I wanted to let you know that at a particular low moment, when I was pretty much a swampy mess from not sleeping, I opened your haiku book and read a few of them. It really helped sooth me and remind me of the truth."
--Susan Curington, Painter,

"I love the book. I know I can go back and read it on a bad day to get centered again." 

"... my 8-year-old has already read it -he got to it before me! - and he absolutely loves it."

"Thank you for sharing such beauty!"

"Thank you, Lauren, for inspiring me with your brilliant, beautiful haikus and photos. I've decided to write a haiku a day for a while to get past some writing blocks because I love haiku, and 17 syllables a day feels just right. I'm grateful to you for modeling the light and grace that can blossom from that practice. You are a haiku goddess!"

From a dear friend in a writers group I'm in: "OMG, (I just wrote) my first haiku! Thanks to you, Lauren, for your beautiful daily haiku posts - they are inspiring." (Please join me on Instagram for my daily haiku and photo! @laurenoujiri)

"I know I am continually awed by the splendor of the natural world! Oh, but you see and capture it in such plenty and vibrance with your photos and poems, Lauren. You are magical."