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I saw the Mr. Rogers documentary, and was glad I brought tissues

I wept through a lot of it.

I somehow managed to capture the following:

"Love is at the root of everything."

His philosophy: "Love your neighbor and yourself."


"The most important thing is to listen."


(Our current cartoons for kids) "... don't care about human dignity."

(HUMAN DIGNITY - if you are dehumanizing yourself, or others, please STOP. Now.)

(Create)  "... slow space."  (Don't have) "... wasted space."

"Silence is one of the greatest gifts we have." 

(Read that again. Please. SILENCE is needed, so desperately needed in a society that is going a million miles an hour and never quiet.)

"143." (To paraphrase part of the film where this number is discussed - There are the following: One letter in "I," "four letters in LOVE," and "three letters in YOU." (I LOVE YOU. YOU. [Truth])

"Love is what keeps us together and afloat."

"Expect and accept mistakes..." (in myself, and in others...)

"You're not a fake, you're not a mistake."



"The greatest thing that we can do is to help somebody know is that they're loved, and capable of loving."


Please know you are loved. It is true.

I am one of the helpers. (Mr. Rogers says to always look for the helpers when you feel scared or lost.)

Please contact me if I can simply listen, if I can help you accept your mistakes, if I can hold the space that you are loved and capable of love.

With love,

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