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Are you hiding? Some thoughts on how, and why, to stop

Hiding starts out feeling like safety... then becomes a trap

Do you hide?

I sure have at times in my life.

Okay, recently.

And I realized it was an old habit from childhood.

And I realized it kept me from... everything.

Especially myself.

Ah, paradox, you fox.

Hiding from myself - big problem/not possible!

(Hello: Everywhere you go, there you are...)

(Hello: Denial. Which only human animal brains experience.)

(Hello, God/Divine/Source: Can't hide from you.)

I didn't realize I was actually trying to hide from myself, not the world.

Then I realized God/Divine was right there with me accepting and loving me as I was.

Then I realized hiding was the problem, and hiding made everything worse, and became its own sort of prison, not safety at all.

So, if you see yourself in any of this, I extend my hand to you and invite you out of hiding.

I invite you to look at what you're hiding from, and view it in new light, to take a big breath, and decide you are safe right now, and it's okay to be you, problems, faults (perceived or real), and all. It make seem a bit scary at first, but hiding will become scarier and full of more risk the longer it lasts.

There's really no alternative. The problems will not be solved from the hiding; the hiding prolongs it, makes it worse, makes it more unsafe.

Let the light in to help you see clearly, to heal, to open to new possibilities.

Bring your light, yourself out into the world. Answers inside you can grow out in the light. Others will benefit from your light, as you benefit from the light of others.

With love,


(this was originally published in 2017. and, it's still relevant... ahem, I still find myself hiding at times.)



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