What clients say

"I’ll bottom-line it: you’ll get the results you need by working with Lauren.

I have worked with others over the years, however, none of them could ever offer me the guidance and support I truly needed.


I always knew what I had to work on but what I needed are the tools to do it. Regurgitating the past and trite placations only go so far. Lauren asked smart questions, truly listened to my answers, and gave me the kind of direction that put me on the right path.


My time with her was always constructive, I worked towards my goals, and she was my trusted partner every step of the way. Nonsense was no longer going to hold me back thanks to her.


Indecision is now a thing of the past. If you’re truly interested in moving forward, not standing still, then commit yourself to working with Lauren today. Your future self will thank you.

 -- Mick N,




"I resisted seeking a coach for years.  Convinced that a steady diet of meditation and yoga would dislodge any undesirable patterns in my life, I kept coaching at arm's distance.

When I was laid-off from an intense and deeply unsatisfying research position, I chose to view this as the Universe "pushing me out of the nest."  Frankly, I expected to feel liberated and relieved.  But, I didn't. 
Soon thereafter, I aligned with my bigger intentions and enrolled in a reputable acupuncture & Chinese medicine graduate program.
Instead of experiencing delight and awe at this transition, I felt awful!  My days blurred in a smear of anxiety.  No matter how many walks in nature (my Zen) I took, or how dedicated I was to my meditation practice, the waves of dread simply would not cease.

So, I caved and contacted Lauren. 

Like a wise and caring "mind-surgeon", Lauren quickly identified my patterns that fed the anxiety.  In our sessions, she would skillfully lead me through a process where I could actually see my inner workings.  I was stunned by my progress after the first 3 sessions! 

Lauren met my criteria for a coach: she is nimble, bright, and compassionate.  Her listening skills are bar-none, which is so rare in this world.

Why waste another day wondering if you can feel better?  Please, reach out to Lauren.  I'm so grateful that I (finally) did!"

 -- Anonymous




"I lost 50lb!  


I just want to take some time to express my thanks for your inspirational transformation, which definitely convinced me to start my own journey to attain a fitter body and create a healthy diet.


I personally witnessed you lose an enormous amount of weight by seeing you walking down the hall.  I always curious of what you were eating, what are the stuff you carry along in a plastic bag for lunch each day. I see chopped cucumbers, carrots, and some kind of protein all in one bag.  So one day, I was following you to the kitchen and I just can’t wait to find out what did you do and how can I do it? At the time, I weighed 168 lb, and was desperate to lose weight.  


Through your coaching, I learned to cut down on unnecessary carbs, sugar, avoid certain foods, and add some exercise, and sure enough, I started a new eating style and jogging 30 minutes few times a week since 4/1/15.   I lost a total of 50 lb after a year.  I weigh 118 now, from XL 16 to XS 2-4!  


Thank you for sharing your process, and the foods that you stopped eating. You were so kind. To be honest, I initially thought that your approach was unrealistic for me, as my diet mainly consisted of rice - I'm Asian! can’t live without rice! Right?!  But being able to see you change convinced me that it was worth trying.


I’ve adapted the new life style, I love it and enjoy it very much.  I'm happy where I'm at now, but my goal this year is to maintain the weight as 118, and hopefully to lose 10 lb more!   


Thank you again Lauren for your inspiration, coaching, and support - I’ve reached my goal!






"Full disclosure: I entered the unknown world of life coaching based on trust and respect, the trust I had in Lauren after knowing her for many years and the respect I had for her wisdom and her integrity. Beyond that, I had no idea what life coaching would do for me.


However, what life coaching did for me is to help me dig deep, identify some habits and patterns I had not only developed but pretty much perfected, habits and patterns that were working against me living a truly happy and meaningful life. When I started, I thought we would focus on some superficial "check them off my list" goals, but with Lauren's guidance, compassion, and acceptance, I was soon to see that what I needed to address would take a lot more work and a lot more commitment than when I originally started.


I feel like what Lauren does is NOT articulate your life's goals or problems or solutions for you. What Lauren does is walk with you, helping you clear debris that would slow you down or distract you or even cause you to turn around and go back.


I know that we use "life is a journey" metaphor all the time. But working with Lauren was like going on a journey to an unknown but possibly marvelous place knowing I had an expert co-pilot who not only knew where we were headed, but who also knew the best route, who made killer playlists to listen to, and who remembered to bring snacks. I can't think of anyone in my life I would have been more comfortable opening up to in the ways I worked with Lauren and am immeasurably grateful for the time spent in her company and good care."  

-- Angela, Champaign, Illinois




"Lauren is easy and enjoyable to talk to, kind hearted, and motivates me to be better. She has great ideas, and is generous in sharing her vast knowledge from her own impressive career and education, along with giving me helpful tools to overcome some of my blocks to resolve and pass through them as they come up in my daily life. I enjoy my visits with Lauren and always come away inspired."

-- Julie Decker, Massage Therapist, Oregon




"Lauren was the first coach I've ever hired to help me with my business. I knew she was savvy about business, but didn't know if she could help me with my new business idea. Oh, my! Now I've met with her in person and on Skype...both ways were equally valuable. Her ability to listen and ask questions that got to the heart of the issue was remarkable. I've recommended her to several other business friends who have told she has helped them greatly." 

-- Nancie Hines, Reflexologist, Oregon




"Lauren is an outstanding coach. In a short period of time, she helped me to clarify my priorities and assess ways to reach my goals.  Lauren also provided helpful tools and suggested outside resources to more effectively manage my professional and personal time.  She is engaging, warm and a pleasure to have on any team.  I wholeheartedly recommend Lauren as a coach."

-- Peggy, Oregon




From a  small group session on getting organized:  

"I am so thankful for all of this information and for the perspective!  Lauren, you are so good at this!"  --Genevieve


"This session was so great - very helpful, informational, and supportive!" -- Andi


"All this information is very helpful and very empowering!  I'm excited to get started!"  --Maria




"Lauren is extremely intuitive, creative and very caring. She has a way of gently leading you in the intended direction and keeping you focused and on track, while providing a safe and loving space to meet you exactly where you are. Each time Lauren has coached me, I have left the session feeling more clear, confident and sure of what steps I could take to better align myself with my desired goals."

-- Becky, Michigan




"Lauren's approach to Life Coaching is unique. The depth of care, personal investment, support, and intuition she enlists to help you meet your goals is unparalleled. I use the envisioning/feeling techniques she taught me to overcome obstacles to my goals everyday. Lauren is an true ally and partner to you throughout your journey."

-- Gabrielle Drinard, Graphic Designer, Oregon




"Lauren is a gifted and intuitive coach. Her presence is a comfort and I felt her attention was with me. I trusted the process and her intuition, and I found myself willing to open to myself and to her. I trusted her guidance and appreciated her gentle suggestions."

-- Mara from Philly




"Being coached by Lauren is a pleasure. I have started a call with her feeling very frustrated with myself, and by the end of the hour I feel like I’ve been unshackled. Her thoughtful and caring nature combined with her coaching skill and intelligence is a marvelous combination."

--Kathryn Van Auken, Life Coach -- Texas

More of my (wonderful) clients' challenges and how they felt in coaching with me:


... "I feel more like myself and less like what I 'should' be. I matter in my life." (life and career transitions that energize and motivate you)


... "I have ease and joy in what I do." (personal and professional efficiency and organization for improved workflow)


... "I see I'm changing!" (habit change for improved wellbeing, effectiveness, and health, seeing results within a week and how to sustain them)


... "I can dream again." (clarifying and visualizing what you really want in life, and mapping out the path that will work for you to get there)


... "I never thought I'd feel this light and calm." (grieving a difficult situation and arriving at gratitude and peace)


... "I love my body again, and I'm doing art again. I would have never guessed that would happen."  (Shrinking weight and growing body compassion and gratitude)


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I invite you to consider coaching with me if past attempts at change by yourself or with others haven't ultimately worked. I help you untangle the knots of your habits and thinking and weave new responses and patterns to empower you to create the life you want to be living....


... I provide compassionate support and practical guidance for women and men seeking to change whatever is stopping them from living fully, and pursuing their dreams.  I'd be honored to help you go inward in discovery and to emerge full of confidence with your answer.


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