Individual, Personalized Coaching

Let's talk about if and how I can help you get the outcomes you're seeking in your life - click here and we'll connect!


INTENSIVE 4-SESSION PROGRAM: Focused work in a short period to power-up your goals and dreams!

Four 90-minute sessions held within 5 weeks, with email check-ins between sessions.



90-DAY FOCUSED PROGRAM: 3 months is key to creating and sustaining change. We will work together to make it happen for you. 

Twelve 1-hour sessions weekly (ideally) with email contact between sessions.



6-MONTH INTEGRAL PROGRAM: 6 months of habit change, or concerted effort toward a goal, delivers lasting, beautiful results for you.

Twenty 1-hour sessions with email contact, and phone or email contact between sessions.



30-Minute Power Session:

Super-focused, best for people I've worked with before, or someone new with one clear goal for the session.



4-HOUR INWARD BOUND RETREAT: I create a special space for working on an issue of your choosing. We meet via video meeting or in person for a highly focused intensive that includes guided visualization, focused planning, special coaching processes tailored to your needs, and an optional intuitive reading or healing session.  Includes a 30-minute planning and clarity session prior to the session and a 30 minute follow-up one month after completion.



IN-PERSON**, HALF-DAY DECLUTTERING / DOWNSIZING / ORGANIZING EXTRAVAGANZA**:  I come to your location and help you sort, discard, organize and improve your space - and it's joyful not dreadful!  You provide the supplies (bags, recycling bins, markers, etc.)  Includes personal coaching, as this work always brings up our issues, and time for nourishment breaks. 

$1000.  ^^This is also available virtually via video meeting: $500.

**This is one of my favorite things to help people with!


HAVE AN IDEA FOR A DIFFERENT KIND OF SESSION OR ENGAGEMENT! Tell me about it! Creativity welcomed, your needs prized, price customized.




Ready? A little scared? Totally normal! (and means you are READY ;-) 



Tell me which option you are interested in or deciding between - Click Here - and I will get back to you within 48 hours with next steps!


Reallyreally ready? 

1. Click here to tell me about it, I will be in touch within 24 hours, and we will start as soon as is humanly possible! 


Group Coaching and Success Teams

I have run very successful groups via teleconference - participants got results they were seeking AND unexpected positive results, too! 

  • 3-6 people
  • 1 hour per week
  • 8 weeks scheduled consecutively
  • $50 per week per person, paid in advance via PayPal.  

Experience the value of the shared experience of working on goals in a supportive group of interesting people.  The people on your team will help you make your dreams come true, because you're going to do the same thing for them. Your group will keep you moving until you discover and achieve your dream. (Success Teams were originated by Barbara Sher, and proven to achieve results.)


Weekly one-hour calls via conference line.


Bring one goal to work on, or just come to learn and experience the value of coaching and group synergy.


I provide content on organization, task management, decluttering, self-care, intuition, and more.  I will lead you through guided visualizations, body scans, relaxation and focusing techniques.  And, you will get brief one on one coaching!  Listening to others be coached is a highly valuable experience due to our many commonalities and the basic issues we all encounter.


We all agree to confidentiality and to create a safe and motivating space for everyone.


Offered periodically, or, form your group and contact me to get started!

I help women* and men** transform pound by pound to a self and life they love:


Go from the misery of self-loathing about being overweight and/or disliking your body to effectively dropping weight and/or loving yourself no matter what your size or shape.  


I’m your steady and caring guide if you struggle with weight and body image issues, having successfully maintained a reduction of nearly half my body weight (100+ pounds! - see photos below) I can help you let go of the suffering and self-loathing that often accompanies being overweight so you can sustain feeling good about yourself and your life.


Connect with me to talk about the possibilities for feeling better, fast.


Click here to read some success stories from some of my clients, including a sustained 50+-pound weight loss.


Have you ever started with great enthusiasm, and by day 3, you've given up?  Please don't be hard on yourself if you say yes:  That's the story of my life. Short attention span, easily discouraged, "it doesn't matter," "I can't do it..." "what's wrong with me?" --  I've been there and conquered that, and will help you do the same.  


I know this to be true:  It takes sustained effort, day in day out, month in, month out, with relapses and rebounds, to really change habits of thinking and acting so they become second-nature, subconscious, your new normal. My compassionate approach will make a difference in how you manage something as big as lasting weight loss and permanent as self-compassion, acceptance and love.


Using a variety of techniques including challenging thoughts and beliefs, guided visualization, practical energy and eating management, movement principles, even dream analysis, and much more, you'll go through a process of transformation and arrive at a shift in thinking and new behaviors to help you get to the results you want. Each pound matters. You matter. I want to help as I know what a difference each pound makes.


*Special encouragement to moms and daughters, sisters, and friends to consider working with me as a team:  Joining forces for change is often more successful when done together.  I have extensive experience working with teen and college-aged women in addition to people of all ages, and know that family and friends working together on things as fraught with emotion as food and body image have greater success when they learn and make changes together.  


**Also, special encouragement to men with body shame and reluctance to ask for help:  I create a safe place for men's body image issues, and concrete steps for making changes to mindset and behaviors. 


Speaking Engagements

I've delivered seminars and talks to groups from three to three hundred on a variety of topics including healthy body image, stress reduction, assertiveness, decluttering and organization, wellness, and even more challenging topics like sexual violence prevention, grief, and eating disorders.  


Please contact me with your concept and I will provide a quote.  Minimum lead-time:  One month.