My first haiku and photography collection

I'm so honored to offer to you my first collection of inspirational haiku paired with photography.


I was inspired to write haiku from an artist's retreat I attended in April 2017. And, I want to thank my dear friend, Myra, for giving me a book of haiku, which was perhaps planted the original seed for this book. To order, see below!


You also can see my haiku and photography on social media - I post daily, I am so committed to this creative process, this practice of gratitude, and how it has enriched my life. I encourage you to give it a try!


the clouds don’t care if

i am lost in the grass, “lie

down now, become us”



(All haiku and photography on this site is copyright Lauren Oujiri.)


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Deep gratitude for this, truly.



Lauren Oujiri

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