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February 15, 2016
Dill Ward of
Dill Ward of

Dill Ward is a realtor and an energetic connector of women entrepreneurs.  I met the force of love that she is last year at a Women with Moxie Mixer, and have been impressed with her unflagging support of women growing their businesses and themselves into their most vibrant true selves ever.


You've developed an amazing network for women entrepreneurs to connect and support each other in a very special way, and very different from standard networking groups.  Tell us about it, and what sparked the creation of Women with Moxie, and why you love it so much:


Women With Moxie was founded in 2007 in Sarasota, Florida by a web programmer who had a vision for how differently women could network if it was “just the girls”. She created a webpage and started marketing it. Interest quickly spread and the network was launched.  She and I were good friends so I supported the effort every step of the way. I was very shy back then so I would work the welcome desk and help with name tags. At that point I didn’t understand how networking worked and didn’t have any idea how to “do it”.  In 2010, I moved to Portland unexpectedly and needed to start over in my Real Estate business. Not knowing anyone I found myself lonely and knew I needed to connect with people who were up to big things in the world but I couldn’t find them. I wanted a chance to build genuine relationships instead of feeling salesy every time I met someone. At that point I felt inspired to step up as a leader and start a Portland Chapter of Women With Moxie. It was far easier to invite a new contact to participate in something that was fun and exciting and good for them, too, rather then just start talking about myself. It helped us make an instant connection and work together to build community.  Women With Moxie is a format that allows women to be more than just “what you do” but who you are, and what you aspire to be.  In 2013, it was time to pass the baton and I was approached with the opportunity to buy the entire company and brand. I didn’t have a clear vision for what I would do with it but I knew I was onto something big and said yes!  We’ve since rebranded to Women With Moxie International Network expanding our reach, and shifting our focus from being a Chapter driven, localized group, to an online experience and a teaching tool for How to Network, online and off.


Will you share some challenges you've experienced as a solo woman entrepreneur, and how you overcame them?


In my experience every time you upgrade your mindset you have to upgrade your inner circle of confidants. You can quickly outgrow the belief systems of your best buddies and their doubts or negativity can seriously hold you back. Learning to only share my biggest inspirations with the right people has helped me protect my inner energy to keep persevering!


What are the biggest challenges you see for solo women business owners right now getting their businesses launched and solid, and what are your top three recommendations to them?


Many women lack confidence to charge what they are worth, try to do it all themselves, and are afraid to invest in their own development. Top 3 recommendations: Seek help, hire many coaches and have mentors, take classes, workshops, anything and everything to personally grow will trickle into your business in massive ways. You will get a far better return on the dollar investing in yourself then anything else in the world.


You have a very engaging, warm, fun, positive, playful, and smart approach to getting a large group of women to talk to each other and create community and success.  Where does this come from within you, how did you develop it, and what keeps you inspired to do this work?


Why thank you! I’ve always been a natural gatherer. As an only child I liked to pretend I had a big family by hosting potlucks, birthday parties, holiday dinners and more. I remember creating a neighborhood newsletter just for the tiny block I lived on. I’ve always loved to gather groups around a special niche interest and watch it take on a life of it’s own. What keeps me motivated to hold space for professional women is repeatedly hearing how one event changed the entire course of someone’s life. One introduction, one opportunity, gave them the direction they had been searching for.


You're also a busy and successful realtor in PDX and in Florida.  How do you manage running two companies, and what are your tips to others for staying organized, meeting goals, and staying healthy and balanced (I assume you are both based on all our interactions over many months!)


When people ask me what I do I often respond “a serial-entrepreneur”. I’ve bought, sold, and created from scratch many businesses throughout my 10 years working for myself. Running businesses on both sides of the country does take serious organization but in a way it helps you see your weak spots. I believe the ultimate goal for any business owner is to work “on” the business more and “in” the business less. When you are not physically in the same state as your business you learn very quickly where you need to grow.


Who has inspired you most in your work and in your life (if they are separate) and why?


Early in life I was deeply inspired by Louise Hay of Hay House Publishing. I came across her book “You Can Heal Your Life” in my early teens and it was like candy to a baby. I had never heard of a self-help book before and when I was reading it I felt like I was becoming a new person. I was so excited about it I bought a case of the book with my small savings and gave it to everyone I came in contact with and begged them to read it. I’ve since read hundreds of personal development books and credit each author a little part of my spirit and soul.


What are a few of your daily habits that make the difference in your work and personal life?


I’ve developed a practice of daily gratitude that helps me get centered and in the right heart space to operate my day. It’s sometimes just a few minutes writing thank you cards, journaling, saying out loud what I’m grateful for and meditating on all that is good in the world.


What does down-time for Dill look like?  How do you replenish?


I’m refueled by quiet time or time snuggling my cat. I gain great inner wisdom from reading hundreds of quotes, swimming, going to movies, or hanging with my incredible partner Nicholas.   


Okay, I have to ask, where does the name Dill originate?  I've never heard it before!


Dill is a family name, but often when people ask me what it’s short for I say “awesome!”


You've done so many different things ­ what's next, what's germinating for the future for you?


I’m in the process of developing another network, National Association of Inspired Real Estate Professionals, Inspired Realty Network.  I’m still in the early development stage and not recruiting members yet but am excited about uniting a sector of the industry that want to deliver their clients a more profound service, helping people live inspired lives while helping them change physical locations. It’s a very special type of person who can combine superior negotiation, market expertise, and a form of life coaching in the process.


Find Dill Ward online at and check out Women with Moxie.  Oh, and when you meet her, expect one of the best hugs ever!




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