What leap do you want to make?

February 29, 2016

Leap Day, Leap Year 2016.  


It sure has been a leap year for me, and will continue to be so.  I'm taking leaps professionally and personally toward my goals and dreams in many different ways:  I’m writing more, a lifelong dream; I’m deepening relationships, which makes me feel so good and connected to the world and my true self; my coaching practice is growing, and I'm so privileged to work with amazing people making big and small changes in their lives; and, bigger dreams are taking shape and the path has emerged for another big leap.  Thank you to everyone supporting me in it all.  


What leaps have you taken or do you want to take?  

Fear will always be there when we want to leap.  As the author Elizabeth Gilbert says, fear will always be in the car with you - and you must never let it drive.  Assign it to the back seat, listen and acknowledge it (this is very important - to deny fear only strengthens it), and be firm in not letting it have a vote on the direction you're driving/leaping in.

Anxiety will always be there when we want to leap.  The power of deep breathing, staying connected to our bodies and listening for its messages, quality sleep and food and activity, not believing everything we think, pausing... all of these help us calm and comfort ourselves so we can be clear and stay focused and confident about our leaps.


Visualization is one of our most powerful allies in taking leaps.  Having clarity about the leap you want to take is critical, and being able to see it in your mind, and more importantly, feel it in your heart and soul will help guide you in the small steps that actually make up the leap.  A vision board - any size piece of paper or poster board with images of the things you desire, the feeling states you want to live in, and the words that best exemplify them pasted on it - is a highly effective method for keeping your dreams present for you to work on subconsciously and consciously.  I have had countless friends and clients tell me their vision boards absolutely helped them make their dreams a reality:  A trip to Greece, finding a new relationship, losing weight and starting a yoga practice, finding the house they had been seeking, having fresh flowers in their home at all times, switching careers...  Specifically naming the vision or goal, finding images that represent those things, and looking at them daily makes a difference in how you make choices, which ultimately add to the leap you want to make from where you are now to where you want to be.


Stillness.  Quiet time.  Meditation.  Prayer.  We live in a hyper time of unprecedented change.  I have found the best way to manage that is unplugging and making a daily practice of stillness, tuning out the noise all around, and more importantly, within.  Giving myself a real break, permission not to do-do-do, time to let my body truly be at rest, that’s when I find answers, direction; reconnect to my values; find comfort and remember to be compassionate to myself no matter what; express gratitude for all I have and to my Divine and all things; and finally, just stop even that chatter, and listen to what messages come forward.  


Leaps are not made in one day, and sometimes not in one year.  They’re usually the result of small, steady steps made consistently in the direction we are clear we want to go; we know the stories of “overnight successes” have years of hard and loving work behind them.  Often, there will be a moment where a small step suddenly moves us up a level that informs us the leap is truly happening, is here ready to embrace us.  That’s when we realize the foundation of our steady, daily practices were the answer all along.  The process is what tempered us and strengthened us to make the leap.  The journey of the leap taught us, grew us to be able to make the leap.  


What leap do you want to take?  Begin today to get clear, see and feel it deep within, and plan the small steps of your leap.  The decision to leap has great power.  Decide today that your dream and leap are worth it.  You are worth it, and the world needs your leap.  



I help people access their courage and do the work of making personal changes by creating safe space and providing compassionate, practical support.  I'm a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, and have helped countless people achieve their dreams and goals.  If you'd like information on how you can work with me, please click here.  It would be an honor...


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