There's nothing wrong with you

June 1, 2016

There's nothing wrong with you!  (And me?  Working on believing it**...)



Is that possible, there's nothing wrong with us?

Please read this beautiful excerpt from a yoga teacher's blog below.  (We've never met; I saw this on a coaching group I belong to on Facebook.)  


"There is nothing wrong with you. You are human. You are capable of great joy and great sorrow. Your heart beats in tandem with the universe. You are one with everything and you are completely alone in your head. I know it can be hard to be there.


But you are good. Not because you do yoga or meditate or do “good things.”You are good because you are.


You are good when you are too drunk to stand and you are good when you accidentally eat a whole cake.


You are good when you walk your dog and when you don’t walk your dog because it’s raining and your dog pees on the floor.


You are good when you lose ten pounds and you are good when you gain thirty. You are good when you look good and when you only slept an hour because there was a Harry Potter marathon.


You are good when you are nice to children and old people. You are good when you wonder why children and old people smell like pee and pinch your nose at them.


I know. Sometimes you want to be different than you are. You will be. You will be different in five minutes and in five days and in five decades. Sometimes you will like the ways that you are different and sometimes you won’t.


You will be hurt and you will hurt people. Youwill care too much about some things and not at all about others. You will be an asshole sometimes. You will be completely fallible and completely loveable.


You will be loved. You are loved right now. You deserve it. Not because you did anything. Because you are basically good and totally human and love is the name of our game. You win. Everyone wins. Don’t stop playing."

Thank you, Tracey Duncan of More Yoga, Less Bullsh*t.  Here is the link to her full article.  


**I am guessing I'm not alone in feeling or having felt that something is wrong with me.  (You, now, there's nothing wrong with you, but me?  Really??)  

I have been feeling there are some things wrong with me lately; at some points in my life I thought everything was wrong with me.  I can also say, thankfully, I have felt perfectly wonderful and content about myself at a lot of points in my life, too, including lately.

Sometimes I feel both in the same minute, if I'm honest.  

If I'm really honest, at the risk of being banned from the coaching profession, I get tired of so much self-help and coaching coming at me (and I suppose from me, too... sorry? Although people tell me they like it...)!  

I see hundreds of self-improvement (or whatever label you want to give them) posts and articles weekly if not daily, and at times just throw up my hands and say "f*cking ENOUGH already! Just let me be!"  (Sorry if that offends, but I'm guessing you can handle it.)  Can I get an amen?

Just let me be.  Whew.

Next week I'm going to share more on this paradox of wanting just to be as I am and also thinking I need to "improve", be better, change, whatever term you want to use, so please stay tuned.  

Until then, just be, as often as you can, with great lovingkindness towards yourself and others.  (There is nothing wrong with you.  Or them.  Okay... or me. Really.)

(Image of dear Amy Poehler above from What The Fangirl [random find!])


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