Overcoming obstacles, deciding on joy

December 5, 2015

I have adored the late Gene Kelly forever.  His exuberance, wide smile, seemingly more emotionally close than Fred Astaire (whom I also adore), and his brilliant, brilliant dancing, choreography, direction, vision, everything.  


When I need a lift, I watch the video of him performing "Singing in the Rain."  My understanding of this performance is that he was sick as hell, it was summer and sweltering, and he was wearing a wool suit while being drenched by the rain machines.  And yet, look at him (watch it now if you've never seen it).  You would never know he was suffering or unhappy.  His joy of his work and magic in the world overcame the obstacles, he committed to showing up for his art, and we have this timeless piece of theatre, dance, and inspiration.  


What obstacles can you decide to overcome today?  Feel free to dance and sing them out as necessary.


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