Musings on integrity, with Martha Beck

October 11, 2015


I recently participated in a course on integrity with Dr. Martha Beck, my mentor.  To say that it was inspiring doesn't do it justice.  To say it was challenging doesn't reflect how intense and profound and thought-provoking it was.  To say it was wonderful in ways I didn't know possible is completely accurate.  

I'd like to share with you some of the quotes from Martha during the class that knocked us all over at times with point-blank, straight to the heart truth, in the hope that you will think about exploring how to increase your integrity with yourself.  The word "truth" is going to come up a lot, as is "peace".  I can't tell you how this will impact you, I just invite you to sit with this, listen to how your body and soul take in these words, be still and let them soak in, let them spill out in tears and recognition.  Please share any thoughts, reactions, feelings afterward as I'd love to discuss it with you further.  

(You are welcome to share these quotes with friends and family - please attribute them to Martha Beck.)

Your integrity will never ask you to do more than you can in peace.

Nothing unkind ever turns out to be true and nothing untrue ever turns out to be unkind.

Peace is a river - it flows; it's not a rock which is not movable.

When you feel the stillness, you will know your truth.

Don't surrender to other people, surrender to your own truth.

Golden Rule: Never let others do to you what you would never do to others.

It's the acceptance of a behavior that harms you that is the flaw in yourintegrity.

The way you create your village is to tell the absolute truth.  It brings the people who understand you and it repels the people who don't.  You're not pushing anyone away; you're being truthful, and if they're not in integrity, that will repel them.  That's okay.

Fear lies.

When you are stuck, tell the truth of being stuck.

Just doing good things doesn't make a person trustworthy.

If you have secrets, you are in duplicity.

Truth and enlightenment always taste of freedom.

The feeling that comes up in stillness is peace about what's right.  

Only the truth brings us peace.


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