Letting go

November 24, 2015

I’m letting go of a couple big things in my life in order to make room for what’s next.  Letting go of material things is often connected to our inner lives, if we’ll only stop and make the connections.  


Look around.  What owns you (another way of looking at the things you have) that takes a lot of your energy, space, money, time but you find yourself complaining about it, resenting it, neglecting it, being overwhelmed by it?  What about the opposite, what do you have that brings you joy, is meaningful to you?  If you have more of the former, can you drum up some willingness to let some things go to make more room for the latter?  


I’m giving my things to someone who really needs them.  I’m so happy to help them out, and they in turn are helping me create space in my life and let go of some emotional ties.  The freedom and joy that comes from this whole situation is very gratifying.  I feel more relaxed, and now I’m really curious to see what comes next, how it will feel minus these things, what the open space will do for my mind and heart.  


I enjoy helping my clients reduce clutter, clear space, and get more organized.  In my coach training a major guiding principle is “live it to give it."  I’m grateful to be taking this to a deeper level so I can be more and more authentic in my work, and with myself.

What might you be willing let go of, big or small, that will help move your life forward or help you clear mental or emotional clutter along with your physical space?  Give it some thought.  I’d love to hear what transforms for you.


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