I wrote a poem a day. Sometimes a few. And it was...

April 19, 2017

Transformative. Inspiring. Quiet. Calm. Beautiful.

As I headed into my first artist's retreat the past week, I had no idea I would find inspiration and groundedness and stillness and joy in committing to writing poetry every day.

The way it stilled my mind, made everything else go away, focused my thoughts and feelings, and make me feel more alive via the creative process was a huge awakening and gift. 

All of that was just what I needed. It helped tremendously to be in the forest and at the ocean, among artists, eating healthy food, meditating twice a day, and lots and lots of quiet. 

I am sharing my poetry with you, as I hope to give you a little retreat of calm, quiet, beauty to help your day. If you're friends with me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen these, but putting this compilation together is motivating me to keep going. (And I have continued to write a poem a day, and it is something I look forward to immensely now.)


the deep dark of the forest smells of truth


some are afraid of both


truth is nothing to be feared


it brings the freedom you ache for


the forest handles your truth with ease


truth is all it knows


the forest is never the same, changing constantly


sometimes slowly


sometimes violently


the same is true for us


but not for truth


truth endures


the forest knows and accepts your truth


you will feel peace and home in the forest, in truth


it's lovely to feel small and invisible


among the majesty of the forest.


the emerald energy enfolds, embraces, emboldens.


and then the smallness and invisibility transforms into bigness and oneness with it All.


there is no separation.


the moss caress feels like your own palm.


the wind in the branches is your own breath.


the swaying of the pines is you dancing your song.


the roots sweetly and strongly entwined, connected, holding each other, knowing there is no other way.


the ease and joy of the glimmering green are coming from within.


it is lovely to know no size or shape or limits or time or judgment or doubt or fear or shame or anything but now.


the luminous, radiant feeling of being the forest.


the quiet of a forest

is something other than quiet when half lay on the ground


the silence of the eagle overhead

is something other than silence when it circles effortlessly


the sound of the rain

is something other than pattering when kissing the trees, vertical and horizontal, stump and root, shards and chips


the song i sing


is something other than the words and tones as it moves from my heart and breath out over the terrain


up past the eagle


joining the raindrops


and gently


dissipating into the stillness


the wind came boldly

the trees nodding agreement

to always live truth


the ancient sitkas
reflect back your majesty.
you, too, are wisdom


And to remind you...

With love,


Lauren, I adore your poems. And this insight into how it began for you is inspiring. Your line about the silence of the forest is achingly beautiful xx
By: on July 26, 2017

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