How to get inspired

March 1, 2016


  • Get curious and ask questions, lots and lots of questions.  Let one lead to another.  Be like those darling (or not) 4-year-olds who continually ask “why?”  Seek to understand things to new depths, seek things you’ve no clue about to expand your world, and seek deep within, opening and listening to yourself in new ways.
  • Go outside and appreciate everything you see with new eyes, whether things in the natural world, or things humans have created through the magic and miracle of ideas, designs, engineering, and sweat.   
  • Look around and play with something within three feet of you by using metaphor:  “This is like that.”  Find crazy associations you would have never made before, try to solve a problem with a metaphor, come up with as many metaphors as you can, looking at things creatively and with some whimsy and fun.  
  • Go somewhere to view art, and simply sit with it, or analyze it, or come up with several meanings for it, or imagine how it was made and why.  
  • Create art out of whatever you have in your home or office, and use non-art materials in the mix to see what happens.  Let both sides of your brain play with this, don’t judge it, just let things develop.  Draw or paint with your opposite hand.
  • Fix something:  Our brains do love to solve problems, make things right.  Fixing things often helps us fix something in ourselves on some level.
  • Certainly, watching or reading inspirational books, articles, movies, videos is always an option.
  • Ask yourself what inspires you and write about it or talk about it with a friend or loved one.  
  • Ask others what inspires them and why.
  • Meditate.
  • Take a shower (how many times have we heard people speak of great ideas coming to them in the shower?)
  • Clean something (truly, it may surprise you).
  • Travel: Down the block or across the world, in your mind, or in areas near you where you’ve not been before.
  • Visualize:  Spend time letting your imagination create whole new worlds, visit favorite places, see favorite people, envision a goal or a dream as if it were real.  
  • Do nothing (truly, it may surprise you, if you sit in stillness long enough)


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