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November 26, 2015

Today I walked the beach on the Oregon Coast for hours, giving thanks, feeling full, feeling abundant, humble, expansive, awe, and so many other things.


I had a day with no set time for anything, no time pressure or to-dos, a day simply to be present and give myself the gift of beauty all around me.  I realized how truly luxurious this is, how precious, how needed, how it replenishes me.  


It was a joy to watch dogs jump in the surf, and run at full tilt in all their freedom.  It was sweet to watch kids play and be so excited to show their parents and grandparents the treasures they found in the sand.  It was lovely to talk with an older couple, take their photo, all smiles, and wish each other Happy Thanksgiving.  It was delightful to dance with the surf, daring each other to see who would go farther, move faster.


It was breath-taking to watch the play of the waves, the mist at the top of the largest ones, some with fleeting rainbows in them, and lucky when able to catch the crash of them against the outcroppings, exploding with sheer beauty and life force.


I intended to be as present as I could, not to problem solve, ruminate on anything, not to plan, just to be.  Simply to be, to watch my mind, see where it tended to go, and call it back to take in all the sunshine, wind, sounds, and calming, inspiring view. 


I was thankful for how fortunate I am to be living where I am, at this time, with the people in my life (and a certain four-legged friend at home), doing what I’m doing, dreaming what I’m dreaming.  


I thought of Thanksgivings past, and said a prayer of gratitude to my parents and dear aunt and uncle who hosted so many glorious dinners for our families as I grew up, with outrageously good food, much laughter, joy while doing dishes together, laughing loudly with my cousins, and giggling while snapping photos of our dads, the brothers, asleep in their respective recliners after dinner.  


I was sharing my walk on the beach with a friend in the midwest who was busy making dinner for his family.  He sent me a photo of his homemade crescent rolls, and I responded with “beautiful!  I wish you could send me the smell of them” recalling all the times my mother made these at the holidays.  After I sent it, I was so thankful for my mindfulness practice, and the shift that has happened within me regarding food.  I noticed I was able to appreciate these rolls through sight, memory of the smell, and gratefulness for my mother - I didn’t have to use my sense of taste and didn’t feel any sense of loss or longing in not eating them.  This is my third holiday season eating in the way that has restored my health and helped me release weight, one without eating the sweets and staples most Americans have or desire on a daily basis.  I am so grateful to enjoy them with my other senses fully, and that is plenty and complete for me.  I feel full and satisfied in simply letting myself enjoy their memory, and knowing that others are enjoying them.


For the remainder of today, I will continue to focus on gratitude, feeling the grace of each moment, relishing all that I have, and setting the intention to bring this with me tomorrow and the days ahead to make the busyness that’s ahead be that more meaningful and rich.



Thank you for sharing this beautiful gratitude letter. Evelyne
By: Evelyne on May 17, 2016

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