A standing desk, getting smaller, embracing vulnerability: 7* of the best things I ever did

April 7, 2016

Loved people as they are and got out of their business (did that ever take pressure off I didn’t even realize was there, and gave freedom and respect to everyone).


Shared life with dogs and cats (whatever it is about their sweet souls that gets into our hearts and stays there just can’t be spoken of highly enough).


Lived in 6 different states and 4 different time zones (I’ve learned a lot about people and our country, and ultimately myself, and it feels good to know I’m at ease and at home everywhere; my hunch is I’m not done yet, either).


Switched to a standing desk (my health improved dramatically and it still energizes me daily).


Learned to live in a calm and centered way as my standard operating system (switching out of the constant worrying mind state, the ‘lack’ state, the judging-myself-and-others-constantly state, the anxiety mindset, has made life beautiful, fascinating, open, loving, and created flow and ease the vast majority of the time).


Healed myself and got small (regaining my health [thank you, Dr. Tom], strength, fitness, flexibility, posture, and releasing over 130 pounds has changed everything for me - loving and caring for oneself no matter what makes all the difference).


Embraced vulnerability (it creates connection, it builds our courage and convictions, strengthens us - it is Not a sign of weakness - and has resulted in me being happier than I’ve ever been in my life. [Thank you, Brene Brown]).


*There are actually thousands of best things I ever did; every time I had given up on weight loss efforts and then started again probably counts for several thousand just by itself.  And, I humbly acknowledge there are thousands of things that have been the worst things I ever did as well.  


Deciding to remind myself on a regular basis of the evidence, the results of working at change and taking action, making positive choices over and over to create a life I am much happier in has created this huge shift for me.

We can take a small step, one small action, to shift into prosperity consciousness, gratitude, lovingkindness, caring for our bodies, minds, souls, relationships, money, connection with God/Source/Divine/Spirit/Mother Earth, whatever it is, at any moment.  


The key is doing this again, and again, and again... 


You, too can (and likely) have a list of thousands of the best things you ever did - always remember that, dearhearts.


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