A few reminders from my cat

November 20, 2015

This is Moon Star.  She’s quite lovely, queen of the house, very vocal, and has this to share with everyone:


Stretch your whole body several times during the day.  


Sit and do nothing.  It’s very powerful stuff.  People think you’re thinking important things.


Be curious, about everything, all the time.  Inspect everything, smell things, touch things, lick things even.  Make the rounds several times a day as things seem to change all the time for some reason.  Be cautious if needed, but stay inquisitive, keep exploring.  There’s much to know in the world.


Nap.  Seriously, nap a whole lot more.  You’re missing out on a superpower if you’re not, and probably ruining your health and the world would run better if everyone would just nap more, so nap as often as possible.


Find the most comfortable spot.  Don’t waste time being uncomfortable, ever.  There is always a more comfortable place to be found, or get creative.  Even better if it’s in the sun.


Trust you will be taken care of.  Love those around you, and magically, food appears, and the loo is cleaned out, and catnip!


Eat your fill but don’t overeat.  If you throw it up you have to start all over again, and that interferes with naps.


Run around and get exercise every day.  Even a few short bursts of bolting here and there feels good, gets the blood moving, and it might entertain someone, which is comical to me, so everyone wins.


Sit and lay in total stillness for long periods.  It tends to calm down the whole house, which is always a good thing.  


Don’t be afraid to make some noise if it’s too quiet.  Speak up for yourself always.


Get cozy with those you love.  They like that and usually reward it with a massage of some sort, if even briefly.  


Look for beauty.  Gaze at nature for long periods.  There’s just something about it…


That’s all for now.  You’re welcome for my presence.



These are good reminders! Your list made me laugh! Thanks! :-) Debra Ruby
By: Debra on November 20, 2015
This is funny! I love it. I'm going to share it with my fellow feline lovers.
By: Amber Thorne on November 20, 2015
Beautiful kitty, and smart! She gives great advice! ð
By: on November 21, 2015
Moon Star is beautiful AND smart!
By: Andi on April 4, 2016

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