5 Less-common tips for reducing stress: Sleep naked, for one

March 8, 2016

There are a lot of lists all over the web for how to reduce stress, and most include the ones you’re likely familiar with:


Eat healthier, get more sleep, get regular exercise, meditate, don’t overbook your schedule… we tend to tune out these recommendations nearly as soon as we read the first one.


I thought I’d search around for more ideas for lowering our stress levels that people might make people pause or do a double-take, and actually try.  Here’s what I found:


Sleep in the nude:  

We often get too warm at night, literally overheat, so sleeping sans clothing helps your body better regulate its temperature, so as not to disrupt your sleep.  It also helps not to have fabric friction between your night clothes and the bedding for freedom of movement.  For those who wear nightgowns or nightshirts, there’s nothing more frustrating than waking up in a swirl of fabric so tight you can’t move, because it’s gotten into a battle with the sheets, neither giving up their ground, and gotten twisted around completely the wrong way or practically covering your head; this can happen with too-loose pj bottoms as well, which is pretty uncomfortable.  Sleeping naked and putting on another blanket is more effective.  We are able to move a blanket off us without fully waking up generally speaking, and if our body temperature stays more even it reduces stress on our entire system, allowing for more restorative sleep.   


Look at fractals:  

This is a favorite of mine; I keep shells that show their inner nautilus patterns around me a lot.  If you’re not familiar with fractals, they are repeating patterns that are identical, or similar. They are found everywhere in nature.  Research has shown that looking at images of them and having them in your environment - or being in nature directly with them - helps to calm our systems and reduce our stress levels due to a certain physiological resonance within the eye.   Here’s a fascinating article on fractals; in it I learned a name for something that sounds like a condition but I’m glad I have it: Biophilia, used by psychologist Erich Fromm, means “love of life or living systems”.  


Inflate a balloon:  

Blowing up a balloon forces us to deep breathe.  Keeping some on hand will create an easy way to remember and follow through on one of the most effective stress-reducers ever - deep breathing - but with a fun twist.  You can then have a spontaneous game of volleyball with your coworker or child, which will then make you relax even further, have better oxygen flow, and generally improve your mood.


Take off your shoes:  

Freeing the toes and foot from shoes so they can stretch and have more oxygen is a quick way to feel better.  Best is to be barefoot outside to really connect to nature.  Rubbing your bare or socked feet makes it even better.  And, extra bonus tip:  If you’ve never had Reflexology (here’s a Portland resource), gently and quickly run-don’t-walk to experience this extremely relaxing and beneficial alternative medicine modality that focuses primarily on the feet, with something similar to acupressure and massage but different.   


Get or give yourself an ear massage:  

If you’ve never had someone massage your ears, gently and quickly run-don’t-walk to your nearest trusted human and ask for one.  (Personally, I have been profoundly relaxed by having my ears rubbed; I remember being a bit stunned the first time I experienced this as it Felt. So. Good.)  Barring the availability of such person, you can do this for yourself and still get the benefit.  I vote for this one as the first to try in this list as you could do it right now.  Please go ahead if you like.  Connecting back to Reflexology, ear massage is often given during a session as it’s been proven to be effective to calm us right down.  And, further research shows that Reflexology of the ear or Auriculotherapy has even been proven effective in pain reduction, and more.  


How about you?  If you have a little-known proven stress reducer and would be willing to tell us about it in the comments, it would be fun and I would be grateful.  



As a life coach, I help people numerous ways, but I'm finding helping people reduce stress, practice daily self-care, and declutter their spaces opens them up to fresh life, and a return to themselves, and makes dreams seem attainable.  If you'd like to talk with me about how my coaching might help you, please click here to set up a no-cost 30-minute session.    If you have general questions please contact me at your convenience.


Thanks for accidentally sending me this newsletter. How kind of you to mention Portland Reflexology and going bare foot! And sleeping naked. You didn't mention sleep naked with someone else which could ultimately cause a deeper sleep. Guess you're saving this for another article. ha. Have a good day, Lauren. Nancie
By: Nancie Hines on March 10, 2016

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