Lauren Oujiri

I have been a helper, to quote Mr. Rogers, all my life, and I have a solid, amazing, joy-filled, creative, and powerful framework in the training I received from Martha Beck - I am a certified life coach, and have a Masters degree in Counseling (working with teenagers prepares you for everything!) I'm a writer, author and poet, and I'm a photographer. 


I've been miserable beyond belief, and stuck, and lost, and hopeless, and scared at many times in my life (sometimes all at once; not fun)... then I got really clear (with the help of Martha Beck), went through a major life transformation in which I dropped more than half my body weight (100+ pounds, AND have kept it off, beating the dismal odds out there).  I've learned to continually declutter and stay organized, and now have space and effectiveness and peace in my living and working environments. I'm joyful, full of gratitude, hopeful, enthusiastic, open to life, and experiencing happiness I didn't know was possible. My purpose is to help others to leave their similar dark and unhappy places and return to their own shining light and purpose, and have the joy of really living.  


I truly love my clients, who return again and again to keep growing and reaching new goals and dreams. I would be honored to work with you. I love holding space for people, witnessing their pain and confusion, helping them learn to celebrate themselves again.


I've lived in six states and four time zones, in rural and urban locations. I love being outdoors, meditation, laughter (it's really everything), being inspired, staying curious, hearing people's stories, listening deeply, and revel in the wonder of this weird and precious life.  


I have have enjoyed a number of positions in diverse industries and work settings. What that means: I had a hard time picking what I wanted to do in this world - the possibilities are endless. I've been a counselor, investigator, HR manager, graphic designer, director, coordinator, project manager, energy healer, and more in places such as small family businesses, a government agency, a small public university, a long-term residential treatment center, a large international corporation, small independent companies, a huge university hospital system, and have freelanced and volunteered. This diversity of work, of people, and places has taught me so much and richly informed and grown my life on all levels.


I adore and love my relatives and friends, which include dogs, cats, trees, fish, flowers, birds, rivers, rocks, mountains, oceans, shells, art, magic, books, food, dancing, clouds... yes, I believe all is connected, and it's a joyous way to live.  


Please contact me with questions to determine how I can help you.


Much gratitude, love and peace for being here.